Terms and Conditions

Please note JAH TECH’s General Terms & Conditions with the purchaser for all items listed for sale in the Web Store:

  1. For sale in Canada only.
  2. Tax of 5% GST will be added to Product Price. 
  3. JAH Tech checks all products to ensure they are in good working order prior to mailing.
  4. JAH Tech packages and mails products within 2 business days to the verified purchaser and address. Thereafter, we use Canada Post regular parcel delivery times.
  5. JAH Tech will e-mail purchased software/modules and monthly pay-for-access password to online software tools within 2 business days to the verified purchaser and e-mail address.
  6. JAH Tech has a 30 day return policy if a hardware product is defective. We require the return of the defective product to JAH Tech before completing a return request. Please contact JAH Tech for the return mailing address.
  7. JAH Tech will not accept software returns or money back on pay-for access password(s) since these are virtual products. However, JAH Tech will consider, at its own discretion, money back requests from verified purchasers on a case by case basis.
  8. Please contact JAH Tech regarding any questions about your order.  

Additional Terms & Conditions specific to software/modules are as follows:

  1. The limitations on the use of the monthly pay-for-access to online software tools and any purchased software modules are that you, the Buyer, honour only using the paid access (or pay-for-access) to online tools and purchased modules:
    1. on computers that you, the Buyer, directly owns;
    2. on no more than one place of business (or work) computer, not owned by the Buyer, that is assigned to the Buyer.
  2. The Buyer (you) may transfer ownership of pay-for-access to online software tools and purchased modules to another single person as a gift but the Buyer must erase/remove transferred modules from any computers they use (they own or at work).  The single person that is gifted the paid access and any modules from the original Buyer must now abide by the limitations as if they are now the new Buyer.
  3. The author of this page is not responsible for the utilization of the provided design tools and/or information by others. Therefore, users can only use the information at their own risk and discretion.

If you have any questions please send an e-mail to jahtechequip@gmail.com.