Water Articles

The following are links to several water and wastewater topics. Click on the topic item to be taken to the topic page.


  1. Drinking Water Treatment Plant Processes
  2. Small On-site Drinking Water Treatment Systems
  3. Water Supply Concerns
  4. UV Disinfection
  5. Advanced Oxidation Disinfection
  6. Disinfection and Biofouling Control Alternatives to Chlorination
  7. Media Filters and Membranes


  1. Sewage Treatment Plant Processes
  2. Small On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems
  3. Industrial Wastewater Treatment – Example PFDs
  4. Wastewater Issues and Solutions


  1. Zebra Mussel Biofouling Facts – General Information
  2. Zebra Mussel Control Startegies