All software tools and other products are provided through JAH Tech’s Web Store.

Please select one of the following software tools categories to browse:

Category Selection [PRESS] Active (Y/N)
Cat 1 Tools for Free Y
Cat 2 Tools for Purchase/Pay-For-Access to Online Embedded Tools Y
Cat 3 Tools for Free as On-Line Embedded HTML Y

*More tools will be added in the future.

Tools Organization:

The MS Excel spreadsheet tools are divided into Tools for Free, Tools for Purchase/Pay-For-Access to Online Tools, and Tools for Free as On-Line Embedded HTML categories and can be used for water related and other design purposes.  Under their respective categories, Tables 1.0 to 1.2 consist of free downloadable engineering design tools and Tables 2.0 to 2.3 consist of design programs that can be purchased for a small charge or are only accessible online (not downloadable) for a small monthy pay-for-access password fee. The free on-line embedded html tools are interative web page calculators that must be enlarged to use effectively. More software calculation tools will be added on this web site in the future.

Purchasing Information:

To purchase a software tool or a monthly pay-for-accesss password, please select under ‘File Name’ the item of interest to see purchase details in JAH Tech’s Web Store. You may add multiple items to your cart. Purchases are all completed through PayPal. Purchased software tools and other digital products are emailed to each buyer within 2 business days following a buyer’s order and successful payment to PayPal.

  • The programs listed in Tables 1.0 to 1.2 are free to download.
  • The programs listed in Tables 2.0 to 2.3 will be available for purchase or for online only use via a pay-for-access password purchase through JAH Tech’s Web Store using PayPal.
  • Please refer to JAH Tech’s Terms & Conditions regarding limitations on the use of the purchased software modules and paid access (or pay-for-access) to online software tools by the purchaser (or the Buyer).
  • The On-Line Embedded HTML Tools are not downloadable.
  • The author of this page is not responsible for the utilization of the provided design tools and/or information by others. Therefore, users can only use the information at their own risk and discretion.

If you have any questions and/or want to add software to this list, please send e-mail to