About Us


  • The HEI Group is a Canadian company that provides project management and technical support services for:
    • water and wastewater audit, design, and treatment solutions;
    • oil and gas surface facilities design and capital/operating cost optimization;
    • feasibility studies; and
    • energy audits.
  • This page has a primary focus on water and wastewater treatment plant design and issues dealing with water quality and other health and environmental concerns (i.e. biofouling, problem microorganisms, and chemical pollutants).
  • This page has a secondary focus on oil and gas facility/battery design.

Objectives of this Webpage:

  • To provide information for scientists, engineers, operators, and plant owners regarding water, as well as, oil and gas related issues and solutions.
  • To provide examples of cost effective modular designs for water treatment, wastewater treatment, and oil and gas production facilities/batteries. This includes:
    • examples of package drinking water and wastewater treatment plant solutions that can be utilized in communities that are presently dealing with requirements for rapid infrastructure expansion and/or potable water stress; and
    • examples of package oil and gas production and treatment equipment.

HEI Group Webpage Curator:

  • John Hibberd is responsible for maintaining the HEI Group webpage, as well as, the affiliated JAH Tech Web Store.
  • John Hibberd is a Professional Engineer and Senior Project Engineer with 29 years of water and wastewater treatment experience, as well as, 5 years of oil facility design and operations management experience. For more information, read John Hibberd’s Experience Brief.
  • John Hibberd’s Business Card – always looking for new opportunities.

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